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Lime Plastering in Hemel Hempstead

All Aspects Plastering are specialists in Lime Plastering in Hemel Hempstead!

There are a number of benefits to lime plastering in Hemel Hempstead, as opposed to traditional plastering. Lime plastering is a breathable material, which means that it allows moisture to escape from the walls, preventing the build-up of condensation and damp. This is particularly beneficial in older properties, where traditional plastering can lead to rot and mould.

Lime plaster is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional plaster. It is made from natural materials, rather than synthetic ones, and it produces far less waste. What’s more, lime plaster is non-toxic and completely safe for children and animals.

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Professional Lime Plastering

Used for centuries, limelime plastering remains one of our most reliable but beautiful finishes. Our team has the skills to carry out this complex technique which can be used to great effect but only by expert application.

Harling is the technique where lime and other aggregates are mixed to a ‘slurry’ texture and applied to prepared smooth surfaces and rendering is more commonly used to cover rough areas/surfaces. Both are traditional external treatments but need expert knowledge and application. Conditions such as weather and atmosphere play a key part in these technically challenging building methods and our experience and approach ensures a perfect finish. When dry, harling and rendering is usually then painted with a lime wash to add colour for a more attractive finish. plastering is a tried and tested wall treatment with many benefits over traditional plastering.


Specialists in Lime Plastering

Our highly skilled team of plasterers can undertake a variety of tasks, including skim coating, plaster repairs, restoration to interior ceilings, installing walls and new ceilings, enabling the removal of existing unwanted ceiling textures as well as historic lime plasterwork.

No matter how big or small the plastering project maybe we’re happy and able to help you with it.



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If you’re looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to improve your home, then lime plastering may be the solution for you. Contact All Aspects Plastering today for more information.